Traits of pisces horoscope

This lovely dreamer and bleeding heart of the zodiac lives in La La land. Lady Pisces has a boundless imagination. She prefers fantasy over reality, her world a curious blend of the two. Generous to a fault, regular retreats are essential to her sanity and physical health. Lady Pisces will naturally gather every stray on her doorstep, her phone-line busy for hours with people pouring their heart out as she struggles to write that email, cook or put the kids to bed. She simply cannot hang up on a soul in need. And she will spend yours too so watch out! Help Lady Pisces achieve her dreams by giving her some proper boundaries.

Pisces acts when they first fall in love. Yes you read that right. Perhaps even their accent.

Personality Traits of a Pisces

The hidden strength of Pisces. Pisces and cheating. How Pisces handles rejection. Breakups and Pisces. Read the characteristics of another zodiac sign. The traits of Pisces Men and Women, how they act when they fall in love and what makes them tick. Pisces dates are February 19 — March However, don't rush into a new relationship and take the time to slow down and enjoy the little things.

On the other hand, if you're already in a stable relationship, then it may be time to make some adjustments. Venus joins Neptune in your sign in mid-February, creating some strong romantic energy in your life. A Venus-Neptune trine in the beginning of June will produce much of the same effect, so those who are in a relationship will enjoy spending more time and connecting with their partner. Jupiter will get involved with Neptune towards the end of August, generating luck and compassion for your love life.

Pisces Symbol, Planet, Element, and Quality

When it comes to your health, you'll have to work harder to keep your energy levels up. It will be extremely important for you to get as much sleep as possible and adjust your diet a little bit to get healthier and renew your energy levels. You'll also need to work towards preventing obesity and general weakness. At the beginning of the year, you'll need to work extra hard. But, don't worry because your hard work will pay off in the long run, and by the time spring approaches, you can finally relax.

You might need to adjust yourself to your job or change your job completely in order to be happy this year. A trine between Jupiter and Neptune in May is one of the most positive aspects of this year, which can help you accomplish some great things in your career. When it comes to your wealth, you'll also need to be more careful with your money this year, Pisces. Even though you'll be tempted to buy so many things on a whim, you'll need to focus more on the things that you really need.

Pisces Astrology February 19 - March 20

However, if you do have the extra money, feel free to spoil yourself a little bit. Pisces is a sign known to struggle between dreams and reality, but this year you will manage to make the best of both worlds — you will work hard on making your dreams come to life! Even if you miss out on something, there will be plenty more opportunities that will follow.

Because of that, you will be more open to meeting different people and making new friends. Try not to lose yourself in the process, though — it might become a bit frustrating to have to handle all the changes. Find a certain spot in the whole mess and focus on it. Let it guide you through the jungle and lead you where you need to arrive.

PISCES zodiac sign personality traits & psychology according to astrology

It will be like waking up a desire that has been long asleep. Cherish these moments when they come and try to enjoy them to the fullest without busting your head with questions like what to do next. Some exercise will do you good as well. You might just even get a bit carried away with extreme fitness, but it will all be for the better in the end. Accept them with pride because you deserve all of it.

Remember those projects that you started last year but never quite devoted yourself to finishing them? Well, expect to be surprised. Your ambitious side will come forth, Pisces, and you will be unstoppable in completing the goals that you have so strongly been pursuing.

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Time to connect the dots by connecting with the stars. Pisces Compatibility with Other Signs Imaginative, emotional and intuitive, Pisces is a partner that everybody would like to have a date with. Pisces and Aries. Pisces and Taurus. Pisces and Gemini. Pisces and Cancer. Pisces and Leo.

Personality Traits of a Pisces

Pisces and Virgo. Pisces and Libra. Pisces and Scorpio. Pisces and Sagittarius. Pisces and Capricorn. Pisces and Aquarius. Pisces and Pisces. Love Finding the companion of your dreams is a never-ending quest for you. Love If you're single, could be the year that you decide what you want out of a relationship.

The planet's job is to show all the possibilities available, and it accomplishes this by expanding the house it's in. For example, when Jupiter is housed in the eleventh house of hopes, wishes and dreams, Pisces can expect a dearly held and cherished dream to come true. Regardless of the house , Jupiter is known for leaving its biggest gift at the end of a cycle, so plan accordingly.

Saturn , the planet of karma, teaches where people need to learn their greatest lessons, so it makes good astrological sense that it follows Jupiter through the birth chart. While Jupiter expands everyone's horizons, Saturn asks them to pull back. Saturnine structures are built to last, so no matter how difficult it may seem, know that by the time Saturn is done with a particular section of your chart usually about two years , whatever remains and whatever new plans you've put into place have a solid foundation.

Take comfort in knowing that Saturn also leaves a gift, proving there's a silver lining to every cloud. Neptune is considered the God of the Sea. Most of Earth and even the human body are covered or governed by water. Water, like any other element, is filled with power.

Pisces Love and Sex

Further, water can be calm and placid, or stormy and destructive. Pisces often embodies both these characteristics. Neptune also rules all forms of escapism; sleeping pills, narcotics and alcohol all fall under this planet's domain. If Pisces can steer clear of the pull of escapism while embracing their inner truths, they'll be quite successful in life. The twelfth house of the zodiac is the reposit of humanity's deepest fears and governs the primordial waters it swims in before the first breath of life. It is also the house of secrets. This is Pisces's house, and similar to Scorpio's eighth house of sex and death, it's a powerful one.

As such, Pisces is imbued with the depth of this house and all of its properties, and this can be seen in the sign's personality. When it comes to matters of the heart , Pisces gets along best with:. Although Pisces' characteristics allow them to get along with almost all of the signs of the zodiac, at least on a friendship level, it really is best not to link up romantically with the fire signs Leo, Aries, Sagittarius or the air signs Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

These signs are a bit too flirtatious and socially available to make Pisces truly comfortable. As the last sign in the zodiac, it's no wonder that Pisces has such individual depth.