Leo astrology october 16

Since Virgo is also associated with health, this might be a good time to get back on track with taking care of our well-being. By the afternoon, the Moon meets up with powerful Pluto in Capricorn, giving us the determination and keen insight we need to face and overcome a challenge. Read below to see what the stars mean for your sign today and be sure to check out your October monthly horoscope, too. You've got your hands full with work today, which means it's going to be a pretty busy one. As such, you may want to bring your A game as all eyes will be on you.

Who knows, you might even be able to secure a new opportunity if you leave a good enough impression. Ambition looks good on you.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

It may be a Monday, but you're probably not in the mood to get much work done, unless it involves something you're passionate about. Speaking of your passions, how much time have you been dedicating to them lately?

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There's no time like the present. You owe it to yourself to pursue your dreams. You could be in your feelings today about something related to your family or something deeply rooted in your past.

October 16 Birthday Astrology

While it may feel uncomfortable not to be your shiny, happy self this feeling could be the impetus you need to get to the root of the cause and address it. Give yourself space to heal. A conversation between you and your love or someone close to you could be the thing you need today, especially if you've been feeling overwhelmed or anxious about something. At the same time, if you need help getting something done so you don't get overwhelmed go ahead and ask for help.

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When it comes to the work you do for a living, is a paycheck worth a toxic environment? This might be the question that weighs heavy on your brain today as you may need to take back your power and peace of mind when it comes to your job. It's time to honor your worth. You deserve more. It's all about you and what you're feeling today, which could have you a bit hypersensitive.

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  6. That's why how you spend your time and handle your feelings will be important. You can start by making sure you set aside time to do something you really enjoy. As a Libra born on October 16 , you have a natural ability to look at both sides of any issue.

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    Regardless of how heated the conversation may get, and regardless of how emotional other people around you may be about a particular issue, you are always able to see the big picture. While your management abilities may not exactly be topnotch, your ability to see beyond otherwise emotionally turbulent issues enable you to be looked at with a lot of respect by those around you. People born on October 16 are considered to be great listeners. You have a natural ability to share the spotlight with people who are close to you. They appreciate this tremendously because people love to talk about themselves.

    Leo Horoscope Astrology October 2019. Direct your energies carefully Lion...

    Interestingly enough, the more they talk about themselves, the more they feel that you are a great conversationalist. You know how this all works out. Not surprisingly, you are eager to let the other person talk. When it is your turn to talk, you facilitate them sharing more of what they have to say. Not surprisingly, your romantic partners seek you out and treasure your ability to make them feel like they matter.

    Those with a birthday on October 16 are best suited for leadership roles, analysis jobs, and anything requiring an even temper and great reasoning. You are able to look through otherwise emotionally convoluted and complicated situations to get to the heart of the matter. Accompanying this ability to see the big picture, you also have a tendency to present things in terms that most people could understand.

    Daily Horoscope: October 16, 2018

    People get a natural sense of confidence from you. This helps open many doors for you are far as your career goes. This makes you a natural center of gravity among your friends and loved ones. They can see that when they talk to you, they can get some level of assurance and confidence. Even if you are going to be delivering bad news, you are able to present it in such a way that people can at least hope for a better tomorrow.

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    Your ability to remain in control of your emotions during otherwise turbulent times is a tremendous asset indeed. Some people are unable to do this. Unfortunately in some cases, depending on who you are speaking to, it is easy to confuse these two things. In many cases, a lot of your loved ones who are suffering or going through really tough times would like you to at least reflect some of the intense emotions that they are feeling.